Top brand realtors at low cost: Have your cake and eat it too!

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Welcome to our very first blog, and thank you for discovering what is all about. It’s been quite the gratifying experience so far; having the opportunity to see people sell their first, second or tenth home and save thousands of dollars in commission fees while enjoying top notch representation from their realtor. But it hasn’t been without its challenges – the biggest one being getting folks to believe that you can and, indeed, darn well deserve to enjoy the best of both worlds; top brand realtors at bottom dollar cost.

A slice of reality in the realty business.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen the emergence of two distinct types of discount real estate brokerages. There’s Flat Fee/No Commission – where for a few hundred dollars, sellers receive a photo listing on the MLS, and a lawn sign advertising the home is ‘For Sale By Owner’. No realtor service, marketing, legal or negotiating support. Just a quick do-it-yourself solution, and seller (and buyer) beware. And then there’s the 1% Commission alternative – where sellers could at least enjoy the full, though rather limited, services of a realtor while only paying 1% of the normal 2 ½% selling commission.

In the first scenario, I’ll cite the old adage; ‘a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client’. Selling a home is usually the biggest financial transaction you’ll make in a lifetime. Not enlisting the services of a qualified realtor to ensure your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted is courting disaster. The second alternative makes a bit more sense, where you’ll actually work with an actual realtor who will perform all of the services of a traditional realtor, only for a low 1% selling commission. The knock on this solution has always been lack of significant marketing budget and resources that the major franchise realty companies deliver but smaller one and two person operations simply cannot afford. This usually results in homes taking longer to sell and ultimately selling for a lower price due to lack of exposure.

The reason came to be is to offer the average Canadian the method and means to sell your home with full, top brand realtor representation while enjoying the savings afforded by budget realtors. In essence, having your cake and eating it too.

Bringing qualified realtors to the table.

At the risk of eating a lot of humble pie, the success of hinged on the promise and premise that we would connect you with a realtor from a top Canadian franchise realty company. And so we began assembling a data base of qualified realtors. The key question was whether realtors from top tier companies would actually embrace the notion of 1% selling commission. We’re happy, and somewhat relieved, to report the answer to be a resounding ‘Yes’. And it’s yes for many reasons; the opportunity for these realtors to make new business contacts; i.e., you, to supplement their incomes during slow times, to raise their annual sales numbers without having to market for prospects, to expand their area of operation, and so on.

Selling your home for more and paying less is a piece of cake.

With hundreds of participating realtors from the GTA and across Canada on board (we can’t mention the names of the companies they’re from, but to find out, look for the biggest ad in the real estate section of your newspaper – chances are that’s one of them), is set to make your next home selling experience most palatable and very profitable. And for the cherry on top, our service is Free during our trial phase – with no cost and no obligation. So, it’s all good, and it all starts here and now – with you and for you.

Thanks again for stopping by. Now, what’s for dessert?! Stay tuned….

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