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Because is one of the top one percent commission real estate agencies in the GTA,
we get asked many questions about our service.
On this page, you’ll find the ones we get asked the most.
If you need clarification on anything discussed on this page,
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Is 1% the total amount of commission I’ll pay?

When you sell a home through any realtor, you pay commissions to your realtor as well as to the buyer’s agent. Typically, that’s 5% total commissions; 2.5% to your Realtor and 2.5% to the buyer’s agent. However, through, you pay only 1% to your Realtor and only 2.25% to the buyer’s agent. So, total commission is 3.25%. That means on a home valued at $500,000, for instance, you save $8,750!

What top Canadian real estate firm will my Realtor be from?

The importance of dealing with a top brand Realtor can’t be stressed enough. As a home seller, you want to take advantage of all of the marketing tools and resources that the biggest realty companies in Canada have spent millions of dollars to create. And the reason makes sense, because getting top dollar for your home is all about getting your home in front of more people, more effectively and creating a competitive edge. has connected sellers in the GTA with only quality Realtors from Canada’s top companies including RE/MAX®, Royal LePage®, Century 21®, and more. It must be stressed that we are in no way associated with or endorsed by any of the above companies. We are only involved in connecting individual Realtors from these companies who have approached with an offer to help home sellers take advantage of their full services at a 1% selling commission instead of their usual 2.5%.

What’s the difference between a top brand brokerage and a small, one or two person firm?

You can have a quality real estate agent working for you in either case. The real difference is the amount of financial resources and marketing clout a top brand Realtor can dedicate to your home. In the end, that means greater exposure to more potential buyers, and the greater your chances of getting the top dollar you deserve.

What level of service can I expect from my Realtor?

Expect the best, and don’t settle for anything less. The reason a top brand Realtor is committing to selling your home for 1% selling commission is for the opportunity to show you what he or she is capable of – in terms of service, reliability, trust, expertise and marketing ability. It’s in their best interests to sell your home as quickly as they can, and for top dollar. And that’s ultimately in your best interests.

Will a buyers Realtors show my home even though I’m paying 1% selling commission?

Typically total commission for selling a home through a realtor is 5% (2.5% going to your realtor, and 2.5% to the buyer’s agent). As long as you are offering sufficient commission to the buyer’s agent, that’s really all they’re concerned about. We recommend offering 2.25% to the buyers agent. There is no way a buyer’s agent can know you are only paying 1% commission to your realtor. So, your home will be shown by as many buyers’ agents as your marketing program can attract. And you still pay 1% selling commission.

How does the 1% Cash Back Rebate** work when I buy a home?

The top brand Realtor we connect you with will reimburse you 1% of the value of the home you purchase, less HST of course. It’s that simple! For instance, if you purchase a $500,000 home, your Realtor will give you a $5000 Rebate.

The only criteria the home you’re thinking of purchasing must meet to qualify for the 1% Buyer Rebate is that the commission to the cooperating brokerage (the commission the seller of the home is offering a buyers Realtor) must be greater than 2.25%. That means most homes offered for sale in Ontario usually qualify for your 1% Rebate. The homes that do not qualify are often sold through bargain basement Realtors offering a flat fee to the cooperating broker of less than 2.25% and/or homes sold privately or at minimum commission.

Why have I not seen a sign in my neighbourhood?

That’s an easy one. The reason you’ve never seen a sign is because we’re not actively selling homes. When you choose a Realtor through our service, the sign you see on your lawn is that of your Realtor and top brand name firm. The service we provide is strictly connecting you with a top brand Realtor who will sell your home for 1% selling commission.