Prepare Your Home for the Spring Selling Season

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gophercaddyshackWiarton Willie was a little confused this year about whether spring is coming. In fact, his picks have only been right 37% of the time. We’re into February and it’s safe to say spring isn’t far off. And we’ll be playing golf and enjoying the sunshine!

You’ve already decided to sell and if your home isn’t ready when your Realtor’s sign goes up, you may get fewer offers and a lower selling price, and be caught in a contingent on sale situation where you’re holding 2 mortgages. Or you won’t be in time to buy the home you really want. That bad timing would be agonizing.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Being one of earlier properties for sale in the spring could mean more exposure, and early spring buyers are an eager bunch. As more expensive and luxurious homes go on sale, yours will pale in comparison.

When a Realtor creates a plan of action for you and your family, you’ll have a mission with a goal, something you can all rally around to help you get through this time of financial exposure. We’ll help ensure you don’t get left holding two mortgages or miss out on your dream home. Having a Realtor gives you confidence you can manage the coming transaction with buyers.

Beautiful Lake Wilcox in Richmond Hill waits its first spring visitors.

Beautiful Lake Wilcox in Richmond Hill awaits its first spring visitors.

Should you get your For Sale Lawn sign up by April 1st? The more interested buyers the better.

You’re making the right choice. Selling at the height of the hot GTA market with a top brand realtor with a 1% selling commission is smart. Top brands you recognize let you leverage their massive marketing power to connect with more agents who can bring in more buyers. Most home sales go through the MLS due massive reach of all the top brand realtors. The more realtors you can reach the better.

8 Tips for a Great Sale This Spring

  1. Hire a top brand 1% Realtor now (you do need to get started)
  2. Ask your Realtor how to maximize the value of your home
  3. Don’t just get rid of your house, build up its worth to buyers
  4. Get your kids thinking ahead to the move (they need to feel involved)
  5. Don’t get caught holding two mortgages and miss out on your dream home
  6. Stage your home for presentation to buyers
  7. Find good reasons why your home is better than comps in your neighbourhood
  8. Have a deadline to work against — your moving date

And please don’t get complacent. Your selling price still isn’t certain unless you do what’s needed to make it happen. Forget what you’re heard about selling. Your realtor needs time to build up a bevy of eager buyers who may bid up the price quite a bit.

The games buyer agents play: Buyers are encouraged to compare your home to others in the neighbourhood. That severely limits your price. How are you going to convince them that your home is worth what you believe it is? Your top brand Realtor knows!

Call us right now to arrange a FREE, no-obligation home evaluation with a Realtor in your area. Let’s make sure you don’t have a home selling disappointment.

And we serve the communities of Scarborough, Barrie, Newmarket, Aurora, Toronto, Vaughan, Kitchener, Oakville, Burlington, Stouffville, Caledon, Etobicoke, Milton and Niagara Falls with the same dedication. We’re looking forward to your call.

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