How 1% Commission Works for You

Until now, viewing a glass half empty or half full were the only choices you had when selling a home. Either choosing a discount Realtor, paying 1% commission, but settling for less marketing support and a lower price for your home. Or opting for a brand name agent, using their power to fetch top dollar for your home, but paying their usual 2.5% commission. Only gives you the best of both worlds: Get a Top Brand Realtor AND Pay Just 1% Commission*.

Why a Top Realtor Will Sell your Home for Only 1% Commission

We’ve compiled an extensive data base of Realtors from the biggest realty brands in Canada who are happy to sell your home for a 1% commission. Why work for 1% commission when top brand Realtors usually charge 2.5%? That’s easy – to make connections they wouldn’t have made otherwise, build new relationships and create more business down the road. It’s a win, win situation. And you’re the big winner.

The Truth About Why You Should Sell Your Home Through a Top Brand Realtor

Results have proven that sellers that settle for the generic 1% Commission agents out there get a raw deal. Firstly, a generic Realtor simply doesn’t have the marketing tools and resources that the top brands have invested millions of dollars creating. Right off the bat, you’re at a disadvantage, because getting top dollar for your home is all about getting your home in front of more people, more effectively and creating a competitive edge.

The second reason is even more important. Generic low commission realtors who advertise a $6900 flat fee (or 1% total commission) put you at an extreme disadvantage because there’s another Realtor in play; the buyer’s Realtor. The flat fee, $6900 folks will only offer them a few thousand dollars. and that’s just not good enough!

Statistics prove that Realtors representing buyers regularly avoid flat rate listings in favour of homes offering them a standard commission. As a result, homes sold through this flat fee 1% method tend to languish on the market. And if by some miracle they do sell, they generally sell for less because of less urgency and reduced buyer competition. So the savings you may have realized in commissions are more than wiped out by the lower price you got for your home…if the home sells at all!

The top brand Realtors we work with want to sell your home for top dollar, and ask a very low 1% commission to do exactly that. To get maximum price for your home and sell quickly, you should offer a 2 to 2.5% commission to attract the Realtors representing as many buyers as you can. Remember, the more buyers see your home, the better your chances to sell at your price.