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We recently had the pleasure of appearing with Michelle Danese of Realty TV. The really cool thing is we got to add a fourth option for people selling homes in the GTA. 1. Selling with a top brand realtor to give you the best chance to sell for top dollar (yet paying top commission). 2. Selling your home with a low budget realtor to save on commissions (yet risk getting less for your home). 3. Sellng your home on your own (and all of the huge risks that go with that). And 4. We call it: Having your cake and eating it too; Selling with only a top brand realtor AND paying less than half their usual commission!

Here’s the video on Realty TV…

Sell For More. And Pay Less. (The text version…)

You know, the other day I was talking with a customer who just sold his home in Toronto by a realtor from the biggest brand in Canada, in less than a week, for top dollar, and he paid only 1% selling commission. Now, truth be told, that same home-selling, money-saving scenario has been playing out right across the GTA since we started early this year. But the reason I bring this story up is because of the disbelief I could hear in this person’s voice over the telephone. He just could not believe that all of the stars could align so perfectly as to sell a home with only best brand, full service representation; mls listing, lawn sign, full photography, colour feature sheets, open house, online advertising, exposure in multiple websites, the whole nine yards. All for only 1% versus the usual 2.5% selling commission. In fact, he actually saved over $7500! So, the amazement was understandable.

You see, until came along, people selling a home in the GTA really only had three options. Going with a top brand realtor gave you the best chance of selling your home for more money, but it also meant you had to pay 2.5% selling commission. Going with a low budget, no name realtor gave you a lower commission, but it also meant you had to settle for a low budget marketing effort and usually a lower price for your home. And the third option, and the most dangerous: Opting to sell your home on your own (or the ‘Commission Free’ route). Sure, the potential savings in commissions is large, if you’re one of the rare 5% who actually succeeds, that is. But the risks of going it alone, without a quality realtor, opening up your home to strangers, and negotiating at the same table with professionals who know every the trick in the book; basically taking a chance on the biggest investment you’ll probably ever make in your lifetime. The risks far outweigh any savings you can potentially get.

When came on the scene, it opened up the doors to a fourth possibility; we call it having your cake and eating it too. Enjoying the services of a top brand realtor and the full marketing resources that go with it to sell your home for top dollar, in the shortest amount of time, and yet paying only 1% selling commission. Really – the best of both worlds.
I guess the point I’m trying to make is: Go ahead, and be amazed. Be that person at the other end of the phone who absolutely can’t believe the great price they got for their home, on top of the thousands of dollars they saved in commissions. It really is your call to make.

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