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Calling All Realtors Who’d Like to Meet New Prospective Customers

If you’re an established real estate agent, and you’d like to meet and help new prospective customers sell their home for 1% selling commission, we’d like to hear from you. The following is a list of criteria you must meet in order to become a part of the realtor database. Participating Realtor Criteria

  • You must be associated with one of Canada’s premiere franchise real estate companies
  • You must be committed to sell any home you get as a lead from for 1% selling commission
  • You must provide a detailed home evaluation and help the customer arrive at the most favourable selling price based on current housing appreciation trends in their neighborhood
  • You must make a listing presentation that spells out how you are going to market the home to get the best selling price possible
  • You must utilize your full expertise and the marketing resources of your company as you would in the sale of any home where you’re the listing agent

If you meet these criteria, we invite you to complete the following form to begin the process of participating in the program, and receiving leads to prospective home sellers in your area. Once completed, you’ll receive details on the cost of leads supplied to you, as well as any additional information, disclosures and agreements you’ll be required to complete.